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Telling My Story For the First Time on Video


"I just wish other people took whatever they were struggling with with a little more stride. That’s what moves me to do what I do—because I hate to see people give up."


I sat down with MoveWith founder and owner, Tricia Choi Yang, to talk about my experience as a CMT athlete and what drives me.

MoveWith says

"Tara Lyn Emerson is one of LA’s most beloved fitness coaches and one of MoveWith’s rising stars. Her classes are sought after, high energy, and capable of pushing you beyond your limits. What’s the secret? She harnesses her personal experience and adds a powerful dose of her secret sauce—optimism fueled by compassion.

You would never suspect that simply getting up every morning is an accomplishment for her. Diagnosed to live life in a wheelchair by age 30, Tara defied her fate through fitness. Check out our interview with her to learn how she has harnessed movement of her body to become the active, fit woman we see today.

Ready to move with Tara? We guarantee your body and soul will thank you. Use MoveWith to take Tara’s classes with you — at home or in the gym — and you’ll have her voice guiding and pushing you all along the way."


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