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Tara Lyn Emerson, Personal Trainer Los Angeles

About me

Welcome! I’m your coach Tara Lyn Emerson, and I am so glad you are here. Coaching and fitness are more than just a passion of mine. It feels like throwing paint on a canvas and bringing a vision (or goal) to life- it’s my art!

I am a California native, certified ACE personal trainer, Pre and Postnatal Coach, ELDOA Trainer, weight management specialist, Spinning and TRX instructor. I have been a featured trainer on fitness platforms such as Popsugar Fitness, iFit by NordicTrack, TRX Training Club and FabFitFun


As the daughter of a professional tennis coach, some would think fitness would be in my DNA. However, I am NOT a genetically gifted athlete. I was diagnosed with a degenerative neuromuscular disease as a young child, which means that I’ve always had to work a bit harder to stay strong. Charcot Marie Tooth disease causes progressive weakness and atrophy to my lower legs, feet and hands and there is no medical cure.


In life, we are all given some adversity, and our strength comes from how we handle it. Keeping my body and mind strong has always been an important aspect of my life since I was diagnosed. I love working with the  TRX suspension straps because exercising with this tool has made me strong and stable without breaking me. Additionally, doing stretching with Dr. Voyer’s ELDOA spinal therapy method delivers mobility and freedom of articulation in my joints. You wont believe this but ELDOA stretching has even helped me grow 1.25 inches taller (restoring my high school height)! 


Now, I am the strongest I have ever been in my life. Instead of getting worse, I am getting better and defying the odds. To be the best athlete I can be, TRX and ELDOA are my key ingredients for stability and mobility. Get excited because I am going to share them both with you here. 

About my app




My collection of athletic stretch classes is for every person, every age, every ability. We will embark on a holistic fitness journey with new wave spinal therapy ft. ELDOA. Developed by French osteopath, Dr. Guy Voyer, ELDOA exercises and myofascial stretching techniques focus on joint health, relieving discomfort and enhancing overall physical function. 


ELDOA’s key concept of decoaptation, which refers to the separation of two adjacent bones in a joint, aims to improve circulation and nutrient flow to the surrounding tissues. ELDOA exercises have the power to eliminate musculoskeletal pain, enhance performance, improve bone density and overall health.


As one of fewer than 200 certified ELDOA trainers in the U.S., my exclusive ELDOA training modules, for all levels and body types, intend to provide a transformative experience designed to increase mobility, promote healing and enhance joint health. This program underlines my commitment to help you on your journey to become the best version of you. 


Stretch it and strengthen it! My strength based workouts with the TRX will harness the power of suspension to provide a challenging core workout that enhances control and form for overall body strength and stability.  I’ve designed a challenging yet adaptable suspension training program that will target every muscle in your body.


Weekly suspension training modules focus on improving strength and athleticism while keeping the workouts fresh and interesting. Whether you choose to exercise at home with your own TRX, or at the gym, together we’ll embark on a journey that not only transforms your physique but also cultivates a resilient mindset and redefines your fitness boundaries. With each module your technique will improve, unlocking new levels of strength and functional fitness. 


Let’s get started!

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