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"Working out with Tara - over ZOOM - has been the best thing to come out of these challenging times. Tara is an unbelievable trainer and her workouts have helped me stay in shape and even lose weight during quarantine. I am not a fan of zoom workouts usually, but with Tara you honestly feel so motivated and challenged during every class. She is simply the best trainer I’ve had to date and am so grateful I can take her classes since I don’t live in the same state. She’s a wonderful, WONDERFUL human."


"Though I've never met Tara in person, she has been a highlight of my week for months during the pandemic, and feels like an old friend.

Tara has a special gift of being able to motivate others, yet at the same time giving clear, descriptive directions and corrections. She's a bundle of energy with just the right combination of humor and sensitivity. There's no doubt she has immense knowledge of the craft she teaches, and that she is passionate about sharing it with her students. "



"Tara's live online classes are not only so much fun, but they have seriously helped keep me sane. They're challenging but doable, creative, and Tara's energy and personal attention is so motivating and keeps me accountable. Plus you can't beat that commute! "


"I’ve been with Tara doing TRX at the gym for 2 years. When the virus closed the gym I starting doing her Zoom classes with weights, as well as TRX.  I’m just 73 years old (with lung problems) but I look forward to starting the day with Tara.

Tara is so upbeat and encouraging, with unstoppable energy that she is addicting. She provides options for those who are just starting out and challenges to those looking for a vigorous work-out. She provides a short demo of each exercise and personal tips on how to improve one’s performance of an exercise.  

Tara is a super role model, rising above her own health issues, to lead the way to a better, stronger body!"


"Tara’s workouts start my day off with a jolt of much-needed energy! As a participant I can literally feel the attention through the computer screen.  The workout and the encouragement remain at a high level that gives me the feeling that I am there in person with her and my workout buddies.  My commitment combined with Tara’s encouragement has kept me on track to continue to lead a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle during these trying times!


Her innate joyful spirit and attitude lifts my spirits, I get the added benefit of a healthy workout and sense of purpose. "


My wife and I began taking TRX and HIIT classes with Tara in 2014. Every class was new, challenging and tailored to our skills and fitness goals.  Tara is always energetic, even at 6am!  Since moving from LA to Minneapolis, we have continued through virtual classes which has been especially great during the pandemic. Tara has transformed my confidence and fitness. She does this in a motivating and positive way. I am excited for the next 6 years!


"Pre-quarantine, Tara's workouts were a highlight of my week ; now they are a game-changer. I am 'good sore' after each class; I learn new moves to add to my fitness repertoire. And, Tara is consistently a fun, bright, thoughtful & encouraging presence.


Her classes are instrumental in my physical and mental wellbeing right now. "


"Tara is the best! I love the variety of her workouts and her positive energy. She is so motivating and inspiring. I used to work out with a personal trainer. I was so sad when I had to stop, but online workouts with Tara are just as good as having a trainer right here. 


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