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One of A Kind- Core & More Workouts

Tara Lyn Emerson will lead you thru 5 weeks of core-focused, fat burning workouts that will target your midsection from every angle. BTW- No equipment required! You can do these ANYWHERE!
These are TOTAL core workouts with cardio and sculpting, so be prepared to SWEAT!
*BONUS* Video demonstrations and timers are all included.

You are one of a kind. Your body is one of a kind- unique, incomparable and like no one else’s. Moving your body, exercising and strengthening it is the BEST way to celebrate it!

One of A Kind- Core & More Workout Guide is not about having a specific body type. Tara Lyn Emerson has created 20 no-equipment workouts so you can celebrate the life force that is within you, deeply exploring your potential and the best version of you. These workouts are more than your traditional ab routine- each is a full body, core-strengthening workout with CARDIO and SCULPT.

This workout guide contains 5 weeks of workouts that target your core from every direction, with each workout being less than 20 minutes. These are perfect as stand-alone workouts or in additions to your regular workout routine. A strong core is essential. It’s the body’s of overall strength and stability and is crucial to perform at a high level. A strong core will keep you looking and feeling your very best.

  What you get:

  • 5 solid weeks of fat burning, core-focused workouts that you can do ANYWHERE

  • Video demonstrations of Tara Lyn Emerson performing each exercise with proper technique for your viewing reference (sample video here)

  • Pre-programmed timers for each workout that you can download to your iOS or Android devices (sample timer here)

  • Instruction on how to use the guide

  • Motivation along the way

  • Access to a closed One of A Kind Facebook group

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