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Quick HIIT Holiday Workout Part II

16 Minute Workout! No Equipment Needed!

20 sec speedskaters/ 20 sec break

20 sec burpees/ 20 sec break

20 sec shoulder taps/ 20 sec break

(x 8 rounds)

Work Your Sweat Time In Anywhere!!!!

So many of you broke a killer sweat with the last Quick HIIT Holiday Workout and were ready for a new high intensity interval training routine! Do this one outdoors at the park, or maybe shut your bedroom door and tell the kids to give you 16 minutes to yourself. It won't take long, you can do this workout anywhere and all you need is a clock.

Tabata Stopwatch is my favorite FREE interval app. Use the settings shown above to go along with our holiday workout #2.It even plays your favorite playlist while providing the cues to exercise and rest.

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